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Please note: These items cannot be purchased online, but are available directly from Patricia. If there's something you'd like, Buy Generic Diazepam 10Mg call her on 3217 2220 or visit her paella stand at West End markets.

Chicken paella

At Patricia’s paella stall you will be able to order your catering for your party. I will be happy to help you, please visit me at Davies Park market for a chat. Free recepies at Patricia’s paella stall every Saturday morning, get inspired and share culture… Pick Up on Saturday from the market. Chicken Chorizo Paella for 50 people $600 Chicken Chorizo Paella for 40 people $ 480 Chicken ChorizoBuy Diazepam Cod

Patricia is a patient teacher, she helped me with pronunciation and she encourage me to talk in Spanish. At the beginning it was embarrassing but now I can hold a conversation with my new family from Colombia.

Students in class

Traveller course are not available at the moment due to COVID19. But…. in the future…. If you’re heading overseas soon and don’t have time for a full course, you can still get the basics or brush up on your Spanish with our two-weeks travellers’ courses. These courses focus on the things you’ll need most like reading menus, handling accommodation and transport, and meeting new people. The emphasis is on talkingOrdering Valium