Term 2 – Starts Thursday 04 May 2023

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Intermediate/ conversation

Thursday at 12:30 mid day

Thursday at 5:30 pm

Thursday at 7:15 pm

The Intermediate course is suitable for people who have developed a knowledge of basic Spanish and want to progress into higher levels of understanding of the language. The course will develop your grammatical and oral skills, as well as your vocabulary.

What will you learn?

Things you will learn include

  • expressing probability, worries, preferences and final purpose
  • making predictions
  • relaying messages
  • expressing feelings
  • emphasising ideas
  • introducing a topic or opinion
  • keeping communication active when in doubt.

You will also enhance your writing skills.

In Intermediate, you start reading short stories and learn how to put stories in sequence. You learn more about the grammar, so as to understand the differences between past tenses, prepositions and the future.

The course places emphasis on speech development so you can speak more fluently and correctly.

Course Structure

The course structure follows a book and uses audio to assist in your understanding of spoken Spanish. Additional exercises are provided for your faster learning. Dynamic activities enhance the exercises and give them context.

Not sure whether this course is right for you? Take a quick quiz to see.

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