Term 2 Level 2 starts 02 May 2023

Patricia teaching in class

Level 2 is on a Tuesday at 6:30pm or 8:00pm and also on a Wednesday at 11:15 am.

Level 2 is for students who feel confident with their present tense in all the three groups of verbs (AR, ER & IR) and with most of the grammar covered in Level 1.

What will you learn?

In this nine week course you will learn to

  • read, write and speak basic Spanish
  • tell the time; make comparisons
  • express likes and dislikes
  • give opinions
  • accept or reject offers.

Level 2 also addresses the more advanced verb tenses, enabling you to speak of your past and future.

The course places emphasis on speech development so you can speak more fluently and correctly.

Grammar in Level 2

  • Indefinite Preterite tense
  • Imperfect Preterite tense
  • Perfect Preterite tense
  • Progressive tenses
  • Future Simple tense
  • Future Intentional tense
  • Direct object pronouns
  • Reflexive verbs
  • Prepositions “por”, “para” etc.

Course Structure

The course structure follows a text book designed by Spanish Learning Centre for Level 2 course. Audio and media is used to assist you in your understanding of spoken Spanish. Additional exercises are provided in class for your faster learning. Dynamic activities are undertaken in class which make the course unique and fun.

Unsure wether this is the course for you? Try a quick quiz to see.

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