Spanish Learning Centre

Entrance to SLC

The entrance to SLC

Spanish Learning Centre is a private school which prides itself on giving students excellent and personal customer service.

Our goal is to provide students with a rewarding and enjoyable learning experience. We respond to the needs and learning styles of individual students, you will not just be a number or a face in the crowd in our classes.

Clear and easy-to-understand content

Classes are conducted in Spanish, with each sentence immediately backed up with an English translation. We give detailed descriptions and explanations of the grammar in English to ensure full understanding. Fun and memorable exercises to reinforce ideas and allow each student to participate in a way that is comfortable for them.

Our courses take the pressure and dullness away, so our students keep coming back.

We teach our classes at a pace and in a format that works for the students in that class.  Patricia is committed to keeping her classes fun and dynamic. Her charismatic teaching style makes students look forward to their classes, with some saying that it is the social highlight of their week.

Enjoyment of the course doesn’t come at the expense of learning, classes are structured, and follow a logical pattern to build on what’s already been learned. An easily manageable amount of homework helps to consolidate each class.

Most of our students continue on to higher levels and a high percentage of new enrolments come from positive customer referrals.

Check our full list of courses to find one that suits you or take a quiz to work out the best level for you.

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