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Sharon Wood

July 14 2017

Patricia is a patient teacher, she helped me with pronunciation and she encourage me to talk in Spanish. At the beginning it was embarrassing but now I can hold a conversation with my new family from Colombia.

Lenka Sherman

I loved the time I spent at Spanish Learning centre. Patricia was able to find a great balance between theory and practice, and I could see my own progress throughout the year that I spent studying. The learning environment was always fun, and working with a small class meant that we had plenty of opportunities to practice what we learnt.

Tim Smith

Patricia has a lot of fun teaching and it flows through to her students.

I’ve been to a number of different language schools and always seen the classes shrink during the course of the semester. It’s no wonder after a long day at work it’s hard to motivate yourself for some more study. However, SLC is different. Patricia manages to keep classes engaging and amusing without losing the structure needed to learn. In fact, her approach is a great aid to memory as there’s often a distinctive situation you can associate with the learning, something that can never be achieved with a dry following of a text book.

Dean Jones

I have been studying with Patricia since 2007, during which time I have gone from a basic understanding to being conversationally comfortable at most levels. More importantly, the fun we have in the classes keeps me coming back term after term, just to see what interesting paths the classes will take!

I thoroughly recommend this class if you wish to make great friends and really understand the Spanish/Latin culture as well as the language.


Vanessa Weekes

I’ve been coming to Patricia’s classes at the Spanish Learning Centre for many years. Patricia has a way of teaching that engages with everyone. She has a gregarious, spirited nature which makes her classes thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining. With a glass of red wine in hand, we tackle grammar, converse and have fun in an educational yet uplifting setting.

I’d recommmend the Spanish Learning Centre for everyone interested in Spanish, of all levels.

Wendy Cull

August 14 2013

Patricia delivers a structured course in a cheerful inclusive environment. The classes are always entertaining, and she provides plenty of material for extra reading and study for students who want to undertake extension activities in their own time.

Learning Spanish with Patricia in Highgate Hill is an institution!

Siobhan Hanrahan and Colin Shannon

February 22 2012

Moving to another country is always difficult but not being able to speak their language adds to the fear. The only solution was for us to do some conversational Spanish lessons to get a basic knowledge of the language. Even though we only had 8 lessons with Patricia we have found these to be invaluable in being able to converse here in Barcelona. We are now able to order food, ask for directions, have general conversations and even understand some of the TV programmes. Thank you so much Patricia for your patience, enthusiasm and above all professionalism. I would most definitely recommend your course to anyone who thinks they want to learn Spanish. It might seem like a big step but it is not as hard as you think and is well worth the effort!

Dr Shaun Sykes

December 4 2011

After trying different Spanish courses over a few years, I felt so lucky to be introduced to Patricia’s valuable lessons. I couldn’t believe how quickly I picked up the Spanish language under Patricia’s wonderful guidance. Her professional teaching skills and infectious enthusiasm was evident by seeing how relaxed and yet motivated, my fellow students were, as we absorbed the language. I enjoyed the courses, and had so much fun, too.

Thank you Patricia, I would recommend your Spanish course to anyone!

Dee Mallory

November 22 2011

The Spanish classes with Patricia have been exciting for me. I have met interesting people and Patricia makes her lesson so interesting. I previously tried learning a language at another course provider, but I did not find those classes fun and didn’t finish that course. At Spanish Learning Centre, I can’t wait for the class to come around each week. I will definitely continue venturing into my Spanish learning and when I travel, I will be proud to be able to converse with Spanish speaking people.


April 19 2011

Small, enthusiastic classes make learning Spanish a pleasurable challenge. A personal approach with time to enjoy the language and culture from a native speaker!

Emma Scragg

August 8 2010

Having studied for many years at university, the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of Patricia’s classes, by contrast, are a welcome pleasure I look forward to each Thursday. If only all courses could be so enjoyable! She has helped me fine tune my Spanish (learnt on the streets) so I can return to South America and enjoy my conversations there even more.

Angie Chase

July 30 2010

I’ve always wanted to learn another language, but was afraid to start. Spanish Learning Centre made learning a new language fun and enjoyable and created a very relaxed atmosphere in which I could learn. It was the best decision I ever made. If you’re contemplating learning a second language, then I say Do It Now at the Spanish Learning Centre.


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