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Valium Visa, Buy Valium Diazepam Online

Students in class

Intermediate starts in Term 2 -Thursday 22 April Term 3 – Thursday 15 July Term 3 27 September

The course will develop your grammatical and oral skills, as well as your vocabulary.

Patricia teaching in class

Beginners’ Level 2- Starts Term 2 20 April Term 3 13 July Term 4 28 September 2021

Level 2 is for students who feel confident with their present tense in all the three groups of verbs (AR, ER & IR) and with most of the grammar covered in Level 1.

Patricia instructing a class

Beginners Level 1 Start Term 2 19 April Term 3 12 July Term 4 27 September 2021

The Beginners Level 1 course is for people who do not have any previous knowledge of Spanish.

Conversation class

Conversation course starts Term 2 – 22 April 2021 Term 3 – 15 July Term 4 – 30 September 2021

An advanced class featuring conversation on a wide variety of topics and complex grammar.