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Please note: These items cannot be purchased online, but are available directly from Patricia. If there's something you'd like, Buy Generic Diazepam 10Mg call her on 3217 2220 or visit her paella stand at West End markets.

Patricia instructing a class

Courses range from beginners’ to conversation and include both daytime and evening classes, once a week as per now via Zoom and in the Centre, cost $225 for 9 lessons 1 hr and 30 min, includes study material, workbook, yellow booklet and audios – Flexible hrs. You are welcome in any lesson on your level within the week via Zoom. You are welcome to enrol in any of the levelsBuy Diazepam Cod

Students in class

The course will develop your grammatical and oral skills, as well as your vocabulary.

Patricia teaching in class

Level 2 is for students who feel confident with their present tense in all the three groups of verbs (AR, ER & IR) and with most of the grammar covered in Level 1.

Patricia instructing a class

The Beginners Level 1 course is for people who do not have any previous knowledge of Spanish.

Conversation class

An advanced class featuring conversation on a wide variety of topics and complex grammar.

Courses at SLC

Spanish Learning Centre offers courses for all levels and ages. Take our online quiz to help you find your level.

El Cid 42cm Polished pan

10 person, 42cm polished steel paella pan. RRP $30.

El Cid 50cm Paella pan

Our largest pan, at 50cm capable of feeding a party of 14!

El Cid 38cm Induction pan

Heavy duty induction pan large enough for eight people.

Big Red Book of Grammar

The most comprehensive reference and practice for Spanish grammar .

Arroz Bomba

The paella rice of choice from Riso Dragon. RRP is $10.

Paella spices

Everything you need for that perfect paella flavour.