Why should I study at Spanish Learning Centre?

Spanish Learning Centre is a privately-owned school and is a registered business. In COVID19 times we have transfer our teaching online and in the Centre. We did not missed a lesson and our students were extremely happy that they could continue as per usual but from home.

When you enrol in a course at SLC, you will experience professionalism, quality and a high level of care towards your learning development. SLC uses all available media available, computer, proyector, audios to your text book, fun videos in Spanish, etc. 90 minutes of Spanish lesson will feel like nothing, because you will be having fun.  You will definitely not be looking at a blackboard with a hard to read handwriting.

We have a plan of study for the length of the course. You will know exactly what the teacher will cover in each lesson and you will have homework every week. In this way you can plan your time ahead, if you enrol on Monday and can’t make it you can come on Wednesday and if you can not come at all in that week you can Zoom the lesson.

You can be anywhere in the world doing your Spanish lesson in Brisbane.

The school is privately owned and the instructor is also the owner of the business and therefore you are treated as a valued customer. You won’t be sitting in a classroom full of strangers and listening to someone talking to the class, you’ll participate in a fun and dynamic learning environment. Students have a great time and make new friends while receiving excellent quality tuition with all modern media available. At the end of each Term we celebrate with a “Fiesta Grande” where we sing and toast in Spanish.

Benefit of Learning a new Language

Spanish will open the doors to a new culture and to a “new yourself”.  You will understand that we, Spanish Speakers say the same things in different grammatical structural way. A little bit back to front but we mean the same, same.

You learn to know a new culture, you gain new friends, new experiences, you see new places, you became more tolerant  because you will understand how much discipline you have to have to learn a new language. The same effort you put in learning Spanish, I put it learning English.

Patricia the owner and instructor thinks… “The Spanish culture is so big in all aspect, to me it has intense colours, intense flavours, more body movements, intense passion and love (for English speaker we are more dramatical – well we laugh and cry when we feel it), we talk a lot, we use our hands and we hug and kiss a lot. Mi casa es su casa, my home is your home.” Unfortunately in COVID19 times we keep our distance but we still have a good laugh about everything and nothing!

Overall Latinos and Spaniards love Gringos when they try to speak Spanish!

The benefit is that you are bilingual and you have your heart in 2 different amazing worlds.

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