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Please note: These items cannot be purchased online, but are available directly from Patricia. If there's something you'd like, email her, call her on 3217 2220 or visit her paella stand at West End markets.

Patricia is a qualify Spanish Teacher also the director and principal instructor of Spanish Learning Centre. She is from Chile and has extensive professional teaching experience, having conducted Spanish tuition in Norway and Sweden before her seventeen years teaching in Australia. Patricia has studied how to teach Spanish as a second language,¬† at Deusto university in Bilbao, Spain. Also Pedagogical studies to teach adults and South American literature at the  [ Read More ]

It is advisable to attend all designated classes. The Travellers, Level 1, Level 2 and Intermediate courses are highly structured in their content. Therefore, missed classes may need a bit of extra work to avoid falling behind. You are welcome to book a catch up lesson or Zoom your lesson from where you are. Conversation lessons are different structured and your attendance can be to an extend flexible.

A full schedule of what is to be covered for each class in the term is provided to all students in the first lesson. If a student is unable to attend a class they can consult the schedule and know exactly what was covered in the class and what must be done for homework. Also, you are welcome to come to any on of the other class times in any  [ Read More ]

Yes, each week you will have homework assigned to students to solidify what was covered in the class for that week. It takes approximately one hour or more to do the exercises.

Upon request, you will be issued with a certificate of achievement that lists the major content covered in the course. You can use this certificate to prove your level of competence when applying for employment or admission to further study.

Give your children a head start in life with the gift of bilingualism.
Classes are held in manageable periods of 45 minutes and are full of creative content, so students learn more than just language.
SLC has classes on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 9:30 to 10:15am as well as after school on Tuesdays. Private lessons can also be arranged. Contact SLC for more information.

Patricia has a lot of fun teaching and it flows through to her students. I’ve been to a number of different language schools and always seen the classes shrink during the course of the semester. It’s no wonder after a long day at work it’s hard to motivate yourself for some more study. However, SLC is different. Patricia manages to keep classes engaging and amusing without losing the structure needed  [ Read More ]

I have been studying with Patricia since 2007, during which time I have gone from a basic understanding to being conversationally comfortable at most levels. More importantly, the fun we have in the classes keeps me coming back term after term, just to see what interesting paths the classes will take! I thoroughly recommend this class if you wish to make great friends and really understand the Spanish/Latin culture as  [ Read More ]

I’ve been coming to Patricia’s classes at the Spanish Learning Centre for many years. Patricia has a way of teaching that engages with everyone. She has a gregarious, spirited nature which makes her classes thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining. With a glass of red wine in hand, we tackle grammar, converse and have fun in an educational yet uplifting setting. I’d recommmend the Spanish Learning Centre for everyone interested in Spanish,  [ Read More ]

Amanda Key from West End Magazine has written a fantastic article called “Have a heart… and a paella: A Chilean teacher who delivers both”

Patricia also has been featured in the summer edition of West End magazine in “4101 life” and page 86 “Spanish teacher gets spicy”

Yes. You are able to enrol in the courses late. It depends upon the individual student, but we have had very serious students in the past who have started up to four weeks late and have caught up to the class quickly. If you have studied Spanish before you are welcome any time during the term. You will¬†start the course from the content you arrived in, you catch up on  [ Read More ]

All courses offered are designed to prepare you for higher-level learning in the more advanced courses. You must complete a course before continuing on to higher level courses. Many of our students continue on to higher levels and master the Spanish language.

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