Spanish for children

Children painting in class with Patricia

Interactive classes help children enjoy and remember their Spanish

No children lessons available this term. Sorry.

Children find language learning much easier than adults, and SLC offers them a fun, interactive and safe way to become bilingual.

Our easy-to-digest 45 minute classes involve a variety of fun activities conducted in Spanish with immediate English translation  so that learning becomes second nature and fun!

By learning Spanish through art and craft activities, songs and dance, your child will benefit from:

  • learning Spanish at the stage of life when they learn most easily
  • using their brain in a different way
  • gaining confidence through speaking in front of others and not being afraid to make mistakes
  • an appreciation of other cultures
  • all the benefits of being bilingual from a young age.

The courses are for ages 4 to 12 and are held in the mornings and after school on Tuesdays and on Saturday mornings. A term consists of nine 45-minute classes.

Child-safe environment

Patricia has a great deal of experience working with young children including work as a volunteer for Mother Theresa’s orphanage in Calcutta.

She holds a Positive Notice Blue Card for Child Related Employment (number: 530011/1).

Please note It is necessary for a parent or carer to participate in the classes, so that each child is relaxed and more receptive to what will be taught in the classes. Cost is $225 per child. Please email Patricia to hear when is the next upcoming Term for children.

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