Paella party

July 14 2017
Chicken paella

At Patricia’s paella stall you will be able to order your catering for your party. I will be happy to help you, please visit me at Davies Park market for a chat. Free recepies at Patricia’s paella stall every Saturday morning, get inspired and share culture…

Pick Up on Saturday from the market- We provide paella and burner for a $300 deposit which you get back upon returning the paella pan and the burner.

Chicken Chorizo Paella for 50 people $600

Chicken Chorizo Paella for 40 people $ 480

Chicken Chorizo Paella for 30 people $ 360

Chicken Chorizo Paella for 20 people $ 240

Vegetarian $12 per person


Seafood Paella only cooked on site.






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