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Students in class

Classes are run throughout the week and cover all levels

TERM1 STARTS 01 February 2021 face to face or via Zoom $225- 9 lessons- 1.5 hrs/week- email:patricia@spanishlanguage.com.au- PH.0400638340

We welcome you to enrol in Spanish lessons, beginners, intermediate or conversation.

Term 1 goes for 9 lessons, 1.5 hrs . COST $225, the course material and audios are included in the price.Please email:patricia@spanishlanguage.com.au for enquiries and enrolments.

Classes are offered in four levels, all of which can be done during the day and evening, at 9:30 am (Wed only level 1) and in the evening 5:30 pm or a little later 7:15pm. every day.

Why study Spanish at Spanish Learning Centre?

At Spanish Learning Centre, you will study with a professional Spanish Teacher with years experience in Australia and overseas. She will be there physically present for you. It is not a recorded video. Face to Face or via Zoom if you live far or in another country.

You will receive a certificate after you finish each level of your Spanish course, which you can add in your CV and also it will be useful as a reference when you go study overseas.

The pedagogical approach is, to give to the student a solid vocabulary and a grammar base where the student can easily build up their conversational skills. A solid base structure in a language learning is a must to have, otherwise you will invent your own language and adopt bad habits when conversing.  Everybody has different learning ways, some learn with pictures, music, repetition, writing, etc. At Spanish learning Centre we use all modern media available to facilitate your learning. We provide you with a plan of study which give you discipline, books, audios that you can put in your car, home, etc.

The teacher will help you with the 4 keys of learning:  reading, writing, listening and pronunciation, all this areas are cover with fun class activities. That is why Spanish with Patricia has existed for 18 year in Highgate Hill.

Everybody is welcome and if you are shift worker this is the place to be. You can come to any lesson on your level during the week, morning or evening. If you are unable to attend, you Zoom your lesson from wherever in the world you are.

Welcome to the  beautiful world of Spanish, here you just not learn the language, you learn the culture.


Term 1 Start 01 February 20210 at the Centre or via Zoom

Our enrolment policy is flexible, so if you would like to join a course that has already started, please Buy Generic Diazepam 10Mg

:patricia@spanishlanguage.com.au or call us 0400638340 or 07- 32172220 or

Online Valium, Patricia has taught several companies in Brisbane. Companies enjoy Patricia’s structure and teaching contents. Spanish has help the executives to get to know each other in a very different ways. The day starts with “Buenos días” and finishes with an “Hasta mañana” – Spanish at lunch time at your premises, right in the heart of Brisbane. This course is strongly recommended to all HR that want to increase a positive dynamic within the company.

Buy Diazepam Cod, only day times via Zoom or at the Centre

If you’re unsure which level to take, we have Where Can I Buy Diazepam 5Mg which will make it easier to decide.

Term 1 2021 -STARTS 01 February

Term 1 goes for nine weeks, 1.30 hr beginners are welcome to enrol. $225 Prices include gst.
classes are face to face and Zoom if you live far from Brisbane.
LevelDayTimeStart DateFinish DateCostEnrol
Beginners' Level 1Monday5:30 – 7:00pm01 of Feb 202129 of March 2021$225
Beginners' Level 1Wednesday5:30 – 7:00pm03 of March Feb31 of March 2021$225
Beginners' Level 1Wednesday7:15 – 8:45pm03 of Feb 202131 of March 2021$225
Beginners' Level 1Wednesday9:30 – 11:00am03 of Feb 202131 of March 2021$225
Beginners' Level 2Tuesday5:30 – 7:00pm02 of Feb 202130 of March 2021$225
Beginners' Level 2Tuesday7:15 – 8:45pm02 of Feb 202130 of March 2021$225
Beginners' Level 2Wednesday11:15am – 1:00pm03 of Feb 202131 of March 2021$225
ConversationThursday7:15 – 8:45pm04 of Feb 202101 of April 2021$225
IntermediateThursday5:30 – 7:00pm04 of Feb 202101 of April 2021$225
IntermediateThursday12.30am – 14:00pm04 of Feb 202101 of April 2021$225